About us
Founded in January of 2012, JENELL-TEX upholds the values of honesty and customer service for all our clients from around the world, to serve their individualized needs. Extraordinary high quality products have always been our specialty which is why are clients remain with us. All of our products are exclusively produced at the factories that uphold our professional standards, including our textile factories, our weaving plant, dying mills, and lamination factories. All of which have past our strict standards guidelines and factory inspections. Our quality control team keeps a close eye on every single detail in order to give you the finest quality good. Our team pays close attention throughout the production process to ensure that the products are manufactured and finished to our client’s exact needs and demands. As well we can source the exact products require based on the specifications that the clients provide for us. We have the unique ability to create for our clients, specialized products exclusively made for them. It is the goal of JENELL-TEX to be dedicated to our customers’ needs and to serve them with warmth and enthusiasm, we sincerely welcome you to be one of our exclusive customer/partners.